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Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn


This month as we are well into Autumn, although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes with the mild weather, I wanted to talk about the top interior design trends this Autumn. All the varied colours of the leaves at the moment are a great inspiration as well as new fabrics from designers.

I’ve created a board on my Sophie Sews Pinterest account called Autumn 2015: Interior Inspiration where I have gathered lots of beautiful trends to inspire you to make your home the home of your dreams this Autumn.


Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn


1. Shades of Grey

autumn interior design inspiration

© Digs Digs


Autumn interior design inspiration doesn’t have to be just be rich Autumn leaves colours, I’ve also pinned some lovely neutral and pastels looks too, which are very calming and relaxing. For the Autumn it’s all about creating a cozy nest where you can snuggle up as the nights get colder and darker.

This can be achieved through soft, fury throws and soft lighting such as candles and small table lights. I love these romantic, cozy looks which I have pinned from the Digs Digs website and the Villa Paprika website. The silver accessories give the room and touch of luxury and glamour.


2. Cosy Knits

Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn

© Villa Paprika


Cosy knits don’t just have to be worn as jumpers, cosy knits are working their way into soft, comfy cushion cases too. Whether in shade of grey as in the look above or in rich warm hues like in the look below, cosy knits are great way of introducing different textures into your soft furnishings. I see a cosy knit cushion and I instantly think of the cooler months wearing lovely warm knitted jumpers.


3. Warm Rich Hues

warm rich hues

© Pinterest


When Autumn comes I love seeing the return of warm, rich hues that feel luxurious and perfect for the season. Notice the return of the cosy knit cushion but in a warmer, richer colour. I love the layered fabrics on the curtains.

Tartan is always a favourite of many at this time of year, its been given a modern twist in Amethyst and pink tones. You could achieve many looks in this room by keeping the walls and flooring neutral and just changing the soft furnishings and accessories.


Come over to Pinterest and have a look at the other Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn I have pinned to get your creative juices flowing to make your house more cozy and inviting this Autumn.


Love Sophie x