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The Fine Detail of Interior Designing

I am often asked what is the difference between a ‘wow’ room and an ‘ok’ room – the answer is it’s the detail. The fine detail of interior designing. There is generally no other way to describe it.

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing by Sophie

If you care about the small details, then the room looks finished to a high specification. If small details are dismissed as unimportant then the room lacks quality.
This is so often the case when a house has been extended. Too many people get a quote from a builder, and depending on the price, go ahead. They do not at the outset get a quote for the details.

Here’s an example, I worked on a project making voile curtains for a kitchen and a dining room and the homeowners thought about the finer detail before the extension was built. The coving in the kitchen had been brought forward to enable a track to be put behind it. The triple pinch pleat voiles therefore run underneath the coving for a floor to ceiling look. The adjoining dining room has tracks sunk into the ceiling to create the floor to ceiling look using the Voyage voile Swarovski crystal fabric.

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing


coving for curtain track


The Fine Detail of Interior Designing


Voyage voile Swarovski crystal fabric


There are all the other things to think about when getting a quote, for example the curtain poles, the decorating, the curtains, the furniture. This all then makes your finished product. A few weeks after the build is done, you don’t see the walls you see the room with what’s in it. And if the detail is %**#}]*+$€ then so is the finished look!

I have been to houses where in one room, there are two windows with different curtains poles; where chrome light fittings are turned on with brass switches; where skirting boards are different shapes on one side of the room to the other!

So, words of advice. Get a quote so you know your expenditure on any build. Work backwards. Look at pictures of what you want the room to look and feel like at the end.

As always, if you need a helping hand, that’s where we come in! So contact Sophie Sews if you require our assistance. We can help with all aspects of your interior design.

Best of luck for your next build or interior design project.

Love Sophie x