Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

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In the summer we wrote a blog post about Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather. Well today I wanted to tell you about the benefits of thermal lined winter curtains for warmth, saving money and aesthetics.


Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

One of the biggest benefits of thermal lined winter curtains are that they help the loss of heat through windows. The amount of heat loss that can be prevented has actually been measured. In 2008, Paul Baker from the Glasgow Caledonian University carried out a study on “The Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows and Practical Measures to Reduce Heat Loss and Air Leakage. He found that heavy curtains reduced heat loss by 14% and when combined with double glazing heavy curtains reduced heat loss by 66%.


Summary of Benefits of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

  1. Thick curtains are one of the main ways to protect your house from losing heat through the windows
  2. Reduces fading of fabrics colour and pattern by protecting it more from sunlight
  3. Adds weight to the curtains which helps them hang more naturally from the pole or track
  4. If you have coloured or patterned curtains, having a neutral coloured lining looks more attractive from the outside of your home
  5. Saves money on your heating bills by reducing heat loss.
  6. Curtains last longer meaning you don’t need to change them as often, saving money

So as you can see lined curtains really are perfect for all seasons and all weather conditions. They really are an investment worth making because they will pay for themselves by saving you money on your heating bills in the winter. Also not to mention they will save you money on your electricity bills in the summer because you are less likely to use a fan to cool you down.

Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains for warmth

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