Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather

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Wow what amazing hot weather we are having these last couple of days here in the UK! I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about lined curtains for hot weather and how they are perfect for extremes of temperatures, both hot and cold.

lined curtains for hot summer weather



Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather

Many people do not realise that lined curtains are not only beneficial for the cold months but also lined curtains for hot weather keep the heat out of your home. In the same way that lined curtains insulate your home to keep it warm in winter, they insulate your home to keep it cooler in summer by blocking out more of the sunlight.


Summary of Benefits of Lined Curtains

  1. Keeps your home cooler in summer
  2. Blocks out more sunlight which is useful for bright summer sunlight in the mornings
  3. Reduces fading of fabrics colour and pattern by protecting it more from sunlight
  4. Adds weight to the curtains which helps them hang more naturally from the pole or track
  5. If you have coloured or patterned curtains, having a neutral coloured lining looks more attractive from the outside of your home
  6. Keeps your home warmer in winter which can save you money on your heating bills
  7. Curtains last longer meaning you don’t need to change them as often, saving money


So you can see how its worth investing in a pair of lined curtains for hot summer weather for your home. There are not only benefits in the living conditions of your home and added aesthetics but also saves you money on your heating bills and they last longer.


blackout curtains



Blackout Lining

A special type of lining is blackout lining which is used for blocking out more sunlight than ordinary lining. This is not only great for nurseries and children’s bedrooms but everyone in the family can benefit! How many times have you woken up in the early hours of the morning because of the bright summer sun!

Like ordinary curtain lining, blackout lining helps to maintain a bedroom’s coolness during summer and keeps a room warmer in winter by insulating it.

green lounge curtains and blind


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Hope you are enjoying the wonderful hot weather at the moment and not melting too much.


Love Sophie x