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Kai Interiors Summer Collection

Introducing KAI Interiors new Summer Fabrics

Need sunshine and color in your life? Well, let me introduce you to the new Kai Interiors Summer Collection.

Spring just hasn’t seemed to appear this year, but as Summer approaches, start to consider some Kai fabrics into your home.

With four new stunning collections, incorporating these into a home couldn’t be easier.

The Trezzeni Collection

A beautiful geometric patterned fabric that comes in 2 graphic designs ‘Delati’ and ‘Perla’ will brighten up any piece of furniture with its bold vibrant colors.

With its luxurious cut velvets, this collection compliments each other with its limitless combinations of colors

Trezzini Collection by Kai Fabrics

The Tanner Collection

An exciting collection, that again incorporates key trending geometric designs into the home.

This collection pulls in several variations ‘Ando’, ‘Cubitt’, ‘Konrad’, ‘Larson’, ‘Nash’, ‘Siza’ & ‘Soller’ these patterns can be all used together.

With its courageous range of colors, texture, the satin prints give the shine and spark that a room might be screaming for.


Tanner Collection by Kai Fabrics


The Twilight Collection

The dreamy and mysterious collection is great for those the Summer evenings, versatile for any room, the sheer sheets of fabric demand to be shown.

The drapes suit patio doors or bi-fold doors, this romantic collection will soften any room with its shimmering neutral colors, that come in pearl, silver, linen and slate.


Kai Twilight Collection


The Zenna Collection

The Zenna collection that homes 3 different styles of fabrics, ‘Konrad’, ‘Nevado’ and ‘Vig. This exquisite collection combines soft neutrals with dynamic shades.

The combinations of fabrics within the collection can be used for drapes and also soft furnishings.


Zenna Collection by Kai Fabrics


Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

In you don’t have air-conditioning then keeping your house cool in summer is going to be somewhat of a challenge but don’t despair because we’re here to tell you how.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keep Your Blinds & Curtains Closed

Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows. A really simple, easy tip is to keep your blinds and curtains shut when the sun is shining, especially for south facing windows.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

To prevent the sun shining through your windows and creating a green-house affect, keep your window coverings closed.


Air flow

At night you can open your curtains and blinds to allow a cool breeze to permeate your home. Just make sure you don’t have bright lights on in your house otherwise you’ll be attracting unwanted guests in the form of moths and midges.

bespoke eyelet curtains woking surrey



During winter you can keep warm with flannel sheets and faux-fur blankets. In contrast in the summer months you can switch your bedding to cotton. Cotton is the perfect summer fabric as it breathes easier and stays cooler against your skin.

blue and stripe throw

With Sophie Sews bedroom throws and cushions, you can easily swap your sheets seasonally without breaking the bank. Your coordinating bed throw and cushions with pair beautifully with your curtains all year round.


Ceiling Fan

If you’re really serious about keeping cool in summer then you can install a ceiling fan.

ceiling fan


Lined Curtains

Lined curtains is a fantastic way of keeping heat out of your home in the summer, they insulate your house keeping more sunlight out. The other benefit of blocking more sunlight is that your curtains fabric will suffer less from fading in the sun.

designer fabric bespoke curtains virginia water surrey

A special type of curtain lining is blackout material which will block out even more sunlight than ordinary lining, also making you less likely to wake up early because of bright, sunny mornings. This makes blackout curtains and blinds especially useful for nurseries and childrens bedrooms.


If you would like to discuss your curtains or blinds requirements, contact Sophie Sews now for a no-obligation design consultation.