Cabbages and Roses Fabric Stockist

Hello my lovely followers, how have you all been? Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!

I am so excited as I have just received my gorgeous Cabbage and Rose fabric Book which now makes me an official stockist of this wonderful British company. Cabbage and Rose has been trading for 4 years and I was drawn to them as they produce some fabulous patterned fabrics.

Their new colour collection is keeping on-trend with their quirky, vintage inspired patterns. I am personally drawn to the stripes fabrics, they are so versatile and they can go in any room in your house, which is a wonderful investment and a long term gain.

Just some history on Cabbage and Roses fabric company; they were established in 2000 by the wonderful Christina Strutt who set up a mail order business from her wonderful kitchen, where the original bees fabric was created and it went from strength to strength, or should I say from fabric to fabric to even more wonderfully fabulous fabric.

Their new collection they have designed will be an absolute must for your homes in 2015.

If you are interested in seeing some of the fabrics in the ‘flesh’ then feel free to contact me and look at my look book, I don’t just have the new collection I have all of them, so you can decide what one will suit your home, I can also come to your home too and offer some interior design advice.

I have more fabric collections to announce over the up and coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

For now have a wonderful weekend everyone, I will be back soon.
Sophie Sews