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Clarke & Clarke Fabrics

Clarke & Clarke Fabrics

As the end of year is nigh, I have been establishing more fabric partners and I am extremely proud to say that I am now working with Clarke & Clarke fabrics. If you are thinking about freshening up your home interior, then may I suggest that you consider incorporating some of the Clarke & Clarke designs. They have a wonderful range of beautiful fabrics, that work in any room around your house.

clarke-clarke castilla fabric

© Clarke & Clarke Castilla collection

Clarke & Clarke Fabrics

We have seen the cool Scandi look sweep across homes in the UK this year, yet Clarke & Clarke fabrics are renowned for their beautiful flowered prints, this creates more depth and adds variety into your home, to  make it visually interesting.

As well as using Clarke & Clarke fabrics for your blinds or curtains, I also recommend Clarke & Clarke fabric cushions on a lovely grey plain sofa to add a vibrant feel. This is a cost effective way to change the layout and feel to any room, without dating your room with a floral wall paper design.

clarke & clarke fabrics woking surrey


Clarke & Clarke fabrics have recently partnered with Oasis Home, as we see more and more fashion retailers, like H&M and Zara broaden their product portfolios to home fashions.

Clarke & Clarke fabrics new collection still incorporates floral inspiration, though I was excited to see some more bolder designs such as Allure with their boho bright fabrics and their more cooler gentler collections such as Hudson, Spectrum and Tussah & Seda. As you can imagine this is inspiring me and I cannot wait to start working with these new fabrics.

clarke-clarke botanica fabric

© Clarke & Clarke new Botanica collection

Clarke & Clarke fabrics is an 18 year old company based in Lancashire, founded in 1999 and is an established leader globally in home furnishings. Clarke & Clarke is made up of two separate product brands, Clarke & Clarke which is the traditional floral design and also Studio G which has its own style of exciting and lively designs that appeals more to the fashion conscience consumer.

Please contact Sophie Sews in Woking, Surrey for advice or to get a quote for Clarke & Clarke fabrics in this range.

From all of us at Sophie Sews, thank you to all our customers who have supported us this year, we wish you a happy and healthy 2018!

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

In you don’t have air-conditioning then keeping your house cool in summer is going to be somewhat of a challenge but don’t despair because we’re here to tell you how.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keep Your Blinds & Curtains Closed

Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows. A really simple, easy tip is to keep your blinds and curtains shut when the sun is shining, especially for south facing windows.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

To prevent the sun shining through your windows and creating a green-house affect, keep your window coverings closed.


Air flow

At night you can open your curtains and blinds to allow a cool breeze to permeate your home. Just make sure you don’t have bright lights on in your house otherwise you’ll be attracting unwanted guests in the form of moths and midges.

bespoke eyelet curtains woking surrey



During winter you can keep warm with flannel sheets and faux-fur blankets. In contrast in the summer months you can switch your bedding to cotton. Cotton is the perfect summer fabric as it breathes easier and stays cooler against your skin.

blue and stripe throw

With Sophie Sews bedroom throws and cushions, you can easily swap your sheets seasonally without breaking the bank. Your coordinating bed throw and cushions with pair beautifully with your curtains all year round.


Ceiling Fan

If you’re really serious about keeping cool in summer then you can install a ceiling fan.

ceiling fan


Lined Curtains

Lined curtains is a fantastic way of keeping heat out of your home in the summer, they insulate your house keeping more sunlight out. The other benefit of blocking more sunlight is that your curtains fabric will suffer less from fading in the sun.

designer fabric bespoke curtains virginia water surrey

A special type of curtain lining is blackout material which will block out even more sunlight than ordinary lining, also making you less likely to wake up early because of bright, sunny mornings. This makes blackout curtains and blinds especially useful for nurseries and childrens bedrooms.


If you would like to discuss your curtains or blinds requirements, contact Sophie Sews now for a no-obligation design consultation.


Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

Good morning,

Child safety is something we take very seriously at Sophie Sews as we have little ones of our own and know that you can’t be too careful. We ensure all our blinds and our customer’s blinds comply with the child safety UK legislation for blinds. We explain the child safety UK legislation and the steps you can take to make the blinds and curtains in your home safe.

make blinds safe

You may be wondering what could happen? There have been some very tragic cases of children getting strangled on blind cords which promoted a safety campaign which led to these laws. Research indicates that most deaths happen in the bedroom in children between the ages of 16 to 36 months. The majority are around 23 months old.


Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

So what are the rules governing the child safety UK laws for blinds BS EN 13120? We will summarise the rules for you which came into force in February 2014.

curtains blinds tie backs cushions girls bedroom pink cream

Where do the legislations apply?

Where internal blinds are installed in premises where children aged from 0 to 42 months are to be present or likely to have access or when the destination of the blind is unknown. Examples of premises where this would apply are homes, schools, playgroups, shops, hotels, hospitals, churches, and general public places.

sweets blind for nursery

Are there any exceptions?

The law does not apply to internal blinds in premises where children are unlikely to be or have access for example laboratories, factories and other places of work but specific labels must be used as a notice of this.

Which blinds does it cover?

The standard covers roller blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, roman shades, panel blinds, roll-up blinds, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds and Austrian/Festoon blinds.

roald dahl 5

How are blinds now made to be compliant?

Where there is a loop, cord or chain present or could be created, it must be removed or made safe which a safety device installed at the point of manufacture. The safety devices either tension the cord or chain, break under pressure or provide the facility to store the cord or chain out of reach of children. For cords, chains or loops there is now a maximum length and all blinds must also continue to carry safety warnings.

childrens bedrooms blackout blinds and curtains

How do I make my blinds and curtains safe?

If you have children living in your home or visit your home, we would strongly advise you to follow these safety precautions:

  • Buy blinds that don’t have a cord, loop or chain particularly in children’s bedrooms or playrooms
  • Don’t have a cot, bed, playpen or highchair near a blind
  • Cords on curtains as well as blinds should be kept short and kept out of reach of children
  • Tie up cords or use cleats, cord tidies, clips, ties or safety devices
  • Don’t hang toys or objects that could be a hazard on a cot or child’s bed

We don’t recommend that cords are cut as its advisable that there is a permanent safety precaution implemented such as taking the cord out of reach. Blinds can stop working if the cord is cut in the wrong place, if one cord becomes a lot longer due to cutting it can increase the risk of entanglement and cords that have been cut can become tangled up creating another loop.

blackout blind for a babies nursery

It is also important to raise awareness among other parents, grandparents and carers. Please contact Sophie Sews if you need a safety device fitted. Let’s keep our children safe.

Love Sophie x