Soft Furnishings for Childrens Rooms


Soft Furnishings for Childrens RoomsHaving children changes the way many of us live and more importantly, it has a huge impact on our homes. When decorating for a new nursery or for a playroom for an older child we need to think about soft furnishings for childrens rooms.

Whether you live in a flat or a large house, suddenly rooms are abundant with toys, linen and other paraphernalia that comes with having a family. Rooms change, with guest rooms becoming nurseries, studies and dining rooms becoming playrooms.

Everything seems to change to help give our families more space and, most importantly, creating a secure yet fun and beautiful environment for our little ones to play, learn and sleep in.  Believe me, I speak from my own experience as well as watching many friends completely redesign their homes to create more comfort for their little entourage.

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A Space of their Own

Every child deserves its own space to grow up in. One that makes them feel at home as well as stimulated, after all this is what childhood memories are made of.

“I asked Sophie to make some curtains for our playroom. The service I received was excellent, and I’m very happy with the curtains. The finish and quality of the work is very good, and they were ready quicker than anticipated too. I would recommend Sophie Sews.” Alison

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Although it is recommended that babies sleep in their parent’s bedroom for the first six months, many of us cannot resist getting the nursery ready long before our little bundle of joy arrives.

And it’s actually quite a sensible thing to do because once the baby comes, the last thing you will want to do is be looking around the shops for light fittings, paint and fabrics. Believe me! Nurseries are not only practical spaces for storing nappies, bedding and clothing, but also somewhere that you and your little one can quietly nurse and relax, especially in those early days.

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Soft Furnishings for Childrens Rooms & Playrooms

As the room becomes more of a bedroom you will want to have certain things in place. For example, I never really appreciated the need for blackout curtains or blinds before children, but they are a godsend on those summer days when your baby or toddler needs his or her daytime naps.

So here’s a few things that I have learnt about creating a wonderful, relaxing space for your children – some from my own parenting experiences and some picked up when designing soft furnishings for many others:

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Don’t underestimate the power of a great blackout blind and curtains. We all need a good nights sleep, whether we’re a newborn or just a big, tired, and grumpy baby!

Soft cushions not only to sit on but to crawl over, and cuddle up on in bright, colourful fabrics work in nurseries and playrooms.

Large floor cushions with a box of books next to them can really encourage a reading corner to be part of their space.

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Older Years

Children grow up fast but some of the soft furnishings for childrens rooms that you put in place in these early days will be with them for many years. Black out blinds, for example, are a teenager’s dream come true!

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So whether you’re looking to create a room for a little one or for older children give us a call or email us, we’ve got some great ideas to suit all your family’s needs.

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