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Ralph Lauren Fabrics for Curtains Blinds and Upholstery

Good afternoon everyone,

Its the time of year again when lots of people are thinking about where to go on holiday if they haven’t booked already. Sophie Sews has used lots of Designers Guild fabrics and I was looking through some of their fabric sample books. The new Ralph Lauren fabrics remind me of hot sunny days on holiday in France. So I would like to show you ¬†some Ralph Lauren Fabrics for Curtains Binds and Upholstery to remind us all of those wonderful summer days to come.



Ralph Lauren Fabrics for Curtains Blinds and Upholstery

The new Ralph Lauren fabric collection that reminds me of summer holidays is called Sur La Cote. Designers Guild describe the collection as “The charismatic Riviera expressed through both prints and weaves.” The collection was inspired by Mediterranean waterside towns and villages which incorporate graphic prints and nautical motifs in classic maritime colours.

Ralph Lauren fabrics for curtains blinds and upholstery


Ralph Lauren fabrics for curtains blinds and upholstery designers guild




Ralph Lauren Signature Coast Fabrics

Some other Ralph Lauren fabric collections from Designers Guild remind of summer holidays, such as the Signature Coast Fabrics, Designers Guild describe them as “A ralph lauren signature collection, bringing together a beautiful array of printed linen and cotton designs, from elegant stitchwork sheers, to ornate vintage florals.”

ralph lauren signature coast fabrics


Ralph Lauren Signature Coastal Co-Ordinates Fabrics

To co-ordinate with the Signature Coast fabrics, Ralph Lauren has the Signature Coastal Co-Ordinates fabrics. These include stripes, checks, plaids as well as plain fabrics such as weathered linen and and washed neutral canvas.

ralph lauren signature coastal co-ordinates fabrics

ralph lauren designers guild



Now if these Ralph Lauren Fabrics for curtains blinds and upholstery are not enough to inspire your next choice of holiday destination then I dont know what will. If you would like to use any of these fabrics for your curtains, blinds or upholstery then do let us know as we can source these fabrics from Designers Guild and custom make them for the windows and seats in your home. We can also source any other Designers Guild fabrics so do have a look at their website.


Love Sophie x