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Monday Mornings for Sophie Sews

Another month, another blog……So, this month I’m sitting here wracking my brains with what to write. Between the school trip, potential new PTA role at school, and trying to sneak off for a couple of weekends away…. Oh yes and work.

bespoke made-to-measure cushions

How I love Monday mornings!

I honestly really do! I walk Poppy to school, get back and my mum is already at my house, awaiting my youngest daughter Ebonie with open arms! We make tea, chat about the weekend, then my favourite bit of the week…. I walk upstairs to my workroom! For 3 days of work! My little escape that has big ideas. Computer on, and it’s organisation go, go, go! Checking through everything getting ready for Wednesday’s fittings for Jack.

Jack fits all our curtains and blinds for our customers. He is brilliant at his job as he’s been doing it for years and is very experienced. Having a professional fitter like Jack fit your curtains means they are going to hang perfectly. Also it means that our customers can relax and have the work done for them! Blinds especially can be a pain to fit yourself.

curtain fitter woking

So what else do I do during my work week? Well there’s visiting customers, which involves loading the car with fabric books, samples, poles, pictures. There’s also quotes to prepare. And so the list goes on!

My favourite thing about my job is meeting new people, new spaces and learning about people’s ideas. What do they really want from their space? What colours do they love? What textures do they love?

Peoples’ style fascinates me! I often see a real theme flow through a home. Very carefully planned to reflect their style. And to tell you the truth, I think I’m still trying to find my own style in my own home. I think I just love interiors, colours, fabrics, textures and architecture so much that I can’t really make up my mind what I love the best when it’s for me! There is just so much choice when it comes to interiors. So many fabrics, poles, tie-backs and blinds to choose from!

curtain poles surrey

So back to my week of sewing, planning, measuring and ordering. Love my work, love my little business and love Mondays.

Love Sophie