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To really bring together a room, you need co-ordinated cushions, whether for your bedroom, lounge, conservatory or even garden. We create scatter cushions in any size, shape or fabric especially for you. We can use fabric you already have or have chosen; alternatively you can choose from our range of fabrics.

If you have not already chosen a fabric, during your complimentary at-home consultation, we will bring our designer fabric books to help you choose the perfect fabric for your room. Our team or skilled and local soft furnishing makers then create your cushions to your specifications.

Buy Xanax Forum

Scatter cushions can be piped or non-piped. We like to finish our scatter cushions with piping to give a perfect finish but for that ultra-modern and minimalist look you can have them without piping.

Self-piped cushions have piping in the same fabric as the cushion, contrast-piping is done in a contrasting fabric.

Cheap Xanax China

Purchase Alprazolam

Luxury Feather Inners

We use feather cushion inners as these are much heavier and give a sumptuous, luxurious feel to our cushions. Although polyester cushion inners can be used if requested or if you have an allergy to feathers.

Unique Tailored Cushions; having Sophie Sews cushions made to your exact requirements means you have unique pieces that no-one else will have. All at affordable prices and unparalleled quality.

cushions with contrast stitching woking surrey

Alprazolam To Buy Online

Window Seat Cushions

We are specialists in crafting bespoke window seat cushions that are made to measure to your window seating area. Our window seat cushions are piped for the perfect finish.

Then add the finishing touches with our scatter cushion. All custom made in your choice of fabric. Which can co-ordinate with the rest of the room for your curtains or blinds. Perhaps also with a throw or doorstop.

Cheap Xanax For Sale Online

Whether you have a bay, box or cabinet window seat, we will tailor window seat upholstery you can be proud of. No matter what shape your window seat is we have an experienced team who will create the perfect fit. We handle every aspect of creating your bespoke window seat cushions from helping you choose the style or fabric, to measuring your seating area and fitting your seat cushions.

Our bespoke service is tailored to providing everything you need when it comes to creating your dream seat cushions and covers, so why not contact us and see what we can do for you.

bay window blinds & window seat

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Garden Seat Cushions

Make your garden an extension of your home by creating a comfortable, relaxing seating area for you and your loved ones. We make bespoke made-to-measure garden bench seats and garden scatter cushions; whether you are looking to create a new garden seating area or revamp an old one.

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In France

You can choose any shape, size, fabric and style because all our garden seat cushions and garden scatter cushions are bespoke and made-to-measure to your requirements.

Book your complimentary at-home consultation now to start creating your comfy outdoor retreat, bbq area or party area for socialising with friends and family.

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter In Spain

Buy Xanax From Pakistan

Playrooms & Children’s Bedrooms

For playrooms and children’s bedrooms we not only create scatter cushions but also large floor cushions for your little ones to relax on. With a box of books next to them this can really encourage a reading corner to be part of their space.


Xanax Bars Cheap Online

Order Xanax Online, Ordering Xanax Online

A truly unique and special touch comes with a personalised cushion with the name of your little one. A special touch that they can grow up with.

Buy Name Brand Xanax Online

Is Buying Alprazolam Online Illegal


We work with ‘Chobham Upholstery’ to produce all our upholstery for our customers. This ensures every customer gets the very best end product due to Chobham Upholstery’s experience and skills. While they get upholstery that matches the rest of their room to create a seamless, coordinated look.

Buy Gador Alprazolam
Xanax To Buy Online Uk

Bespoke Made-to-Measure Cushions & Upholstery in Surrey

Buy Xanax Cod

Contact us now to discuss your cushions or upholstery requirements, book a complimentary design consultation and get expert advice from us.

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Xanax Online Visa

Alprazolam Visas Zales