Benefits of Channel Rod Systems for Hanging Curtains

Benefits of Channel Rod Systems for Hanging Curtains

At Sophie Sews we have been fitting more and more channel rod systems (CRS) for curtains. We we wanted to talk about them and the benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains compared to hanging curtains with curtain poles.

Channel rod systems and curtain tracks are fixed to the ceiling or the walls and have no rings and they can be corded or non-corded.

benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains


Benefits of Channel Rod Systems for Hanging Curtains

Short of Space

blinds for landlords

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a channel rod of system, or CRS, is if you are short of space in your room to hang a curtain pole. This is mainly the case if you do not have a recess above the window in the room. As you can see from the example above the recess above the window or to the side.

A channel rod system was perfect in this scenario and makes for a neat solution. Having the curtains reach to the wall means you are maximising the amount of light coming through the window.


channel rod systems

Do you have a bay-window or an unusual shaped window? Then a channel rod system is a perfect solution for hanging your curtains. These systems can be manufactured to the shape of your window to fit perfectly.

In the example below channel rod systems were used for both the curtains and the voiles. This makes for nice clean lines and keeps the look unfussy.

bespoke triple pleat curtains woking surrey

channel rod curtain tracks


For the hall below the curtain need to be fully out of the way of the front door so a curved channel rod system was needed. Channel rod systems can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall and in cases where the ceilings or walls are uneven then they can be fixed to both.

front door curtain and bespoke pole

Modern & Discreet

crs curtain tracks

Our clients are often wanting a modern, clean look for their latest interior design projects and a channel rod system provides just that. At Sophie Sews we use curtain tracks that are made from aluminium not plastic for durability and reliability.


If you like the benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains and then you are going to also find a wider choice of colours and finishes than curtain tracks. At Sophie Sews we can provide channel rod systems in black, chrome, white, bronze, stainless steel, gold, antique bronze and inox to compliment your room.

Contact Sophie Sews now to book your no-obligation consultation.

My Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

My Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2017

I’m excited for the year ahead and have been reading lots about the upcoming interior design trends for 2017 and wanted to tell you about my favourites! So read on to find out what will be in fashion this year in the world of interiors with my top 5.


Interior Design Trends for 2017

© Amara


Interior Design Trends for 2017

We all need inspiration when it comes to interior design. For me it comes from everywhere, nature, designer materials, fashion trends and of course the seasons.


1. Tropical Prints

Botanical and tropical prints were popular last Spring and they are going to continue to be popular well into 2017.

Interior design trends often get their inspiration from the fashion runways and in 2016 Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Emanuel Ungaro all played with tropical prints. These prints will mostly be seen on wallpapers and fabrics used for curtains, blinds and cushions. I certainly look forward to working with tropical and botanical prints!

I love this lined Roman blind we created with Sanderson fabric.

2. Green

The 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year is ‘Greenery’ and its a lovely bright and cheery shade of green.


© Pantone



© Pantone


Other shades of green will be on-trend this year too, you can use a shade of green on all wall or as a cushion or a rug. Adding this year’s ‘in’ colour as an accessory will mean you can easily change it later on when you want to update to the next on-trend colour.


3. Natural Materials

2017 is set to be dominated by different textures and materials such as marble, wood, cork, clay and other natural materials. Faux materials will be just as acceptable as the real deal this year so you don’t need to break the bank with real marble.

There are many benefits to faux materials, for example engineered quartz and withstand heat and foods that are high in acid, better than real marble.

faux marble 2017

© Elle Decor


Young Huh, named one of Vogue’s five young interior designers on the rise in 2015, predicts that marble and also brass will be huge in 2017. “We’re going to see this trend in both kitchens and baths,” Huh predicts. “It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard, and a little bit glamorous with the brass.”

So also look out for metals to still be everywhere this year. As well as brass we will be sure to see copper and gold.


4. Velvet & Comforting Fabrics

Velvet looks set to be huge in 2017 with it being incorporated into all manners of interior fabrics, such as sofas, cushions and even curtains. It’s part of the bigger trend in interiors for comfort from the world and the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’.

Due to this concept that’s burst into our consciousness, soft and cosy fabrics from 2016 will continue into 2017. So snuggle up to your faux furs and enjoy your time relaxing at home.


interior design trends for 2017

© Elle Decor


Interior Design Trends for 2017

© Amara


5. Greys & Blues

Dulux’s ‘colour of the year palette’ for 2017 is made up of greys and blues. Their colour of the year is called ‘Denim Drift’. Here’s what Dulux said about their colour of the year and their colour of the year palette, “a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending on how it’s used, perfectly capturing the mood of the moment and embodying our lives for 2017. The accompanying palette of tonal blue shades creates a truly accessible range that can be easily translated into architecture and interior decorating.”


© Dulux



Denim Drift © Dulux


Dulux also, like others, predict greens and tropical prints will be big this year.


The interior design trends for 2017 will certainly make this a fun year with lots of fun, cosy and colourful fabrics to work with to make my clients homes beautiful and relaxing places to live. I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a wonderful 2017!


Sophie x

Style Tips for Decorating Your Home At Christmas

You may be stuck in a rut when it comes to decorating your home at Christmas. You may have been doing it the same way year in year out. Read through our style tips for some inspiration this Christmas.

Style Tips for Decorating Your Home At Christmas

Colour Palette

If you are looking to create an elegant style then it’s best to stick to a chosen colour palette. For example this could be silver, white and blue with a wintery elegance. Or you could go for a more traditional colour palette with red, green and gold. You could bring a sense of fun into your home with a bright colour palette such as pink, turquoise and silver.

Choosing a colour palette will enable you to have a thought out, cohesive look throughout your home. This will also bring a sense of calm to your surroundings, which is definitely needed around Christmas time when life gets hectic and stressful.


Style Tips for Decorating Your Home At Christmas

Plan Ahead

Leaving the Christmas decorating to the last minute doesn’t lend itself to a thought-out stylish look. If you plan ahead with the look you are after, have your Christmas tree and decorations bought in time, then you have a better chance of it looking exactly how you want it.

If you plan ahead and get the Christmas decorating finished in plenty of time, then you are also leaving plenty of time for all the other important tasks at Christmas such as buying and wrapping presents, planning what you are going to buy for your Christmas lunch and attending Christmas parties.

If you put your Christmas tree up in plenty of time then you have someone you can leave the Christmas presents when you have wrapped them. You can also enjoy the Christmas decorations for longer. After all, you’ve spent all that time putting them up, you might as well enjoy them for longer.





Bring nature into your home when decorating your home at Christmas with some mistletoe, holly and pine cones. Nature evokes feelings of calm and tranquillity which is needed around the hectic Christmas schedule. Mistletoe and holly also bring feelings of nostalgia and tradition into the home.

A great way to decorate your home at Christmas time is to buy a Christmas plant such as a poinsettia.




When it comes to decorating your home at Christmas you may forget about decorating your guest bedroom if you don’t use it very much. Families often have relatives to stay over the Christmas holidays so it’s a nice touch to extend your decorating to your guest bedroom.

Don’t let your guest bedroom become the junk room this Christmas, turn it into a haven of peace and tranquillity this Christmas, after all Christmas can become hectic and stressful so your guests may want a space to escape to for some downtime. Make your friends or relatives feel special this Christmas by decorating their bedroom.



Do you have any traditions when it comes to decorating your home at Christmas? You may have some favourite decorations that your children have made or even that you made while you were a child. I think it’s important to not get too bogged down with making everything perfect and to retain some sense of fun and tradition. After all, Christmas is all about family!


Most of all, enjoy your decorating your home this Christmas!

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

In you don’t have air-conditioning then keeping your house cool in summer is going to be somewhat of a challenge but don’t despair because we’re here to tell you how.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

Keep Your Blinds & Curtains Closed

Up to 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows. A really simple, easy tip is to keep your blinds and curtains shut when the sun is shining, especially for south facing windows.

Keeping Your House Cool In Summer

To prevent the sun shining through your windows and creating a green-house affect, keep your window coverings closed.


Air flow

At night you can open your curtains and blinds to allow a cool breeze to permeate your home. Just make sure you don’t have bright lights on in your house otherwise you’ll be attracting unwanted guests in the form of moths and midges.

bespoke eyelet curtains woking surrey



During winter you can keep warm with flannel sheets and faux-fur blankets. In contrast in the summer months you can switch your bedding to cotton. Cotton is the perfect summer fabric as it breathes easier and stays cooler against your skin.

blue and stripe throw

With Sophie Sews bedroom throws and cushions, you can easily swap your sheets seasonally without breaking the bank. Your coordinating bed throw and cushions with pair beautifully with your curtains all year round.


Ceiling Fan

If you’re really serious about keeping cool in summer then you can install a ceiling fan.

ceiling fan


Lined Curtains

Lined curtains is a fantastic way of keeping heat out of your home in the summer, they insulate your house keeping more sunlight out. The other benefit of blocking more sunlight is that your curtains fabric will suffer less from fading in the sun.

designer fabric bespoke curtains virginia water surrey

A special type of curtain lining is blackout material which will block out even more sunlight than ordinary lining, also making you less likely to wake up early because of bright, sunny mornings. This makes blackout curtains and blinds especially useful for nurseries and childrens bedrooms.


If you would like to discuss your curtains or blinds requirements, contact Sophie Sews now for a no-obligation design consultation.


Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

Good afternoon,

Firstly we’d like to wish all our customers and suppliers a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2016. Also thank you to all our customers as 2015 has been a busy year thanks to you all and Sophie Sews continues to grow from strength to strength. We really do love what we do and making our customers’ interior design dreams come true!


In the summer we wrote a blog post about Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather. Well today I wanted to tell you about the benefits of thermal lined winter curtains for warmth, saving money and aesthetics.


Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

One of the biggest benefits of thermal lined winter curtains are that they help the loss of heat through windows. The amount of heat loss that can be prevented has actually been measured. In 2008, Paul Baker from the Glasgow Caledonian University carried out a study on “The Thermal Performance of Traditional Windows and Practical Measures to Reduce Heat Loss and Air Leakage. He found that heavy curtains reduced heat loss by 14% and when combined with double glazing heavy curtains reduced heat loss by 66%.


Summary of Benefits of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains

  1. Thick curtains are one of the main ways to protect your house from losing heat through the windows
  2. Reduces fading of fabrics colour and pattern by protecting it more from sunlight
  3. Adds weight to the curtains which helps them hang more naturally from the pole or track
  4. If you have coloured or patterned curtains, having a neutral coloured lining looks more attractive from the outside of your home
  5. Saves money on your heating bills by reducing heat loss.
  6. Curtains last longer meaning you don’t need to change them as often, saving money

So as you can see lined curtains really are perfect for all seasons and all weather conditions. They really are an investment worth making because they will pay for themselves by saving you money on your heating bills in the winter. Also not to mention they will save you money on your electricity bills in the summer because you are less likely to use a fan to cool you down.

Benefits Of Thermal Lined Winter Curtains for warmth

If you require any advise about curtains or any other soft furnishing for your home then we offer free advice and consultations so contact Sophie Sews today.

Wishing you all a warm and cosy Christmas!

Love Sophie x

Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn


This month as we are well into Autumn, although it doesn’t feel like it sometimes with the mild weather, I wanted to talk about the top interior design trends this Autumn. All the varied colours of the leaves at the moment are a great inspiration as well as new fabrics from designers.

I’ve created a board on my Sophie Sews Pinterest account called Autumn 2015: Interior Inspiration where I have gathered lots of beautiful trends to inspire you to make your home the home of your dreams this Autumn.


Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn


1. Shades of Grey

autumn interior design inspiration

© Digs Digs


Autumn interior design inspiration doesn’t have to be just be rich Autumn leaves colours, I’ve also pinned some lovely neutral and pastels looks too, which are very calming and relaxing. For the Autumn it’s all about creating a cozy nest where you can snuggle up as the nights get colder and darker.

This can be achieved through soft, fury throws and soft lighting such as candles and small table lights. I love these romantic, cozy looks which I have pinned from the Digs Digs website and the Villa Paprika website. The silver accessories give the room and touch of luxury and glamour.


2. Cosy Knits

Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn

© Villa Paprika


Cosy knits don’t just have to be worn as jumpers, cosy knits are working their way into soft, comfy cushion cases too. Whether in shade of grey as in the look above or in rich warm hues like in the look below, cosy knits are great way of introducing different textures into your soft furnishings. I see a cosy knit cushion and I instantly think of the cooler months wearing lovely warm knitted jumpers.


3. Warm Rich Hues

warm rich hues

© Pinterest


When Autumn comes I love seeing the return of warm, rich hues that feel luxurious and perfect for the season. Notice the return of the cosy knit cushion but in a warmer, richer colour. I love the layered fabrics on the curtains.

Tartan is always a favourite of many at this time of year, its been given a modern twist in Amethyst and pink tones. You could achieve many looks in this room by keeping the walls and flooring neutral and just changing the soft furnishings and accessories.


Come over to Pinterest and have a look at the other Top Interior Design Trends This Autumn I have pinned to get your creative juices flowing to make your house more cozy and inviting this Autumn.


Love Sophie x

Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

Good morning,

Child safety is something we take very seriously at Sophie Sews as we have little ones of our own and know that you can’t be too careful. We ensure all our blinds and our customer’s blinds comply with the child safety UK legislation for blinds. We explain the child safety UK legislation and the steps you can take to make the blinds and curtains in your home safe.

make blinds safe

You may be wondering what could happen? There have been some very tragic cases of children getting strangled on blind cords which promoted a safety campaign which led to these laws. Research indicates that most deaths happen in the bedroom in children between the ages of 16 to 36 months. The majority are around 23 months old.


Child Safety UK Legislation for Blinds

So what are the rules governing the child safety UK laws for blinds BS EN 13120? We will summarise the rules for you which came into force in February 2014.

curtains blinds tie backs cushions girls bedroom pink cream

Where do the legislations apply?

Where internal blinds are installed in premises where children aged from 0 to 42 months are to be present or likely to have access or when the destination of the blind is unknown. Examples of premises where this would apply are homes, schools, playgroups, shops, hotels, hospitals, churches, and general public places.

sweets blind for nursery

Are there any exceptions?

The law does not apply to internal blinds in premises where children are unlikely to be or have access for example laboratories, factories and other places of work but specific labels must be used as a notice of this.

Which blinds does it cover?

The standard covers roller blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds, roman shades, panel blinds, roll-up blinds, plantation shutters, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds and Austrian/Festoon blinds.

roald dahl 5

How are blinds now made to be compliant?

Where there is a loop, cord or chain present or could be created, it must be removed or made safe which a safety device installed at the point of manufacture. The safety devices either tension the cord or chain, break under pressure or provide the facility to store the cord or chain out of reach of children. For cords, chains or loops there is now a maximum length and all blinds must also continue to carry safety warnings.

childrens bedrooms blackout blinds and curtains

How do I make my blinds and curtains safe?

If you have children living in your home or visit your home, we would strongly advise you to follow these safety precautions:

  • Buy blinds that don’t have a cord, loop or chain particularly in children’s bedrooms or playrooms
  • Don’t have a cot, bed, playpen or highchair near a blind
  • Cords on curtains as well as blinds should be kept short and kept out of reach of children
  • Tie up cords or use cleats, cord tidies, clips, ties or safety devices
  • Don’t hang toys or objects that could be a hazard on a cot or child’s bed

We don’t recommend that cords are cut as its advisable that there is a permanent safety precaution implemented such as taking the cord out of reach. Blinds can stop working if the cord is cut in the wrong place, if one cord becomes a lot longer due to cutting it can increase the risk of entanglement and cords that have been cut can become tangled up creating another loop.

blackout blind for a babies nursery

It is also important to raise awareness among other parents, grandparents and carers. Please contact Sophie Sews if you need a safety device fitted. Let’s keep our children safe.

Love Sophie x

Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather

Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather

Good afternoon,

Wow what amazing hot weather we are having these last couple of days here in the UK! I thought it would be the perfect time to tell you about lined curtains for hot weather and how they are perfect for extremes of temperatures, both hot and cold.

lined curtains for hot summer weather



Lined Curtains for Hot Summer Weather

Many people do not realise that lined curtains are not only beneficial for the cold months but also lined curtains for hot weather keep the heat out of your home. In the same way that lined curtains insulate your home to keep it warm in winter, they insulate your home to keep it cooler in summer by blocking out more of the sunlight.


Summary of Benefits of Lined Curtains

  1. Keeps your home cooler in summer
  2. Blocks out more sunlight which is useful for bright summer sunlight in the mornings
  3. Reduces fading of fabrics colour and pattern by protecting it more from sunlight
  4. Adds weight to the curtains which helps them hang more naturally from the pole or track
  5. If you have coloured or patterned curtains, having a neutral coloured lining looks more attractive from the outside of your home
  6. Keeps your home warmer in winter which can save you money on your heating bills
  7. Curtains last longer meaning you don’t need to change them as often, saving money


So you can see how its worth investing in a pair of lined curtains for hot summer weather for your home. There are not only benefits in the living conditions of your home and added aesthetics but also saves you money on your heating bills and they last longer.


blackout curtains



Blackout Lining

A special type of lining is blackout lining which is used for blocking out more sunlight than ordinary lining. This is not only great for nurseries and children’s bedrooms but everyone in the family can benefit! How many times have you woken up in the early hours of the morning because of the bright summer sun!

Like ordinary curtain lining, blackout lining helps to maintain a bedroom’s coolness during summer and keeps a room warmer in winter by insulating it.

green lounge curtains and blind


If you require any advise about curtains or any other soft furnishing for your home then we offer free advice and consultations so contact Sophie Sews today.

Hope you are enjoying the wonderful hot weather at the moment and not melting too much.


Love Sophie x

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing

I am often asked what is the difference between a ‘wow’ room and an ‘ok’ room – the answer is it’s the detail. The fine detail of interior designing. There is generally no other way to describe it.

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing by Sophie

If you care about the small details, then the room looks finished to a high specification. If small details are dismissed as unimportant then the room lacks quality.
This is so often the case when a house has been extended. Too many people get a quote from a builder, and depending on the price, go ahead. They do not at the outset get a quote for the details.

Here’s an example, I worked on a project making voile curtains for a kitchen and a dining room and the homeowners thought about the finer detail before the extension was built. The coving in the kitchen had been brought forward to enable a track to be put behind it. The triple pinch pleat voiles therefore run underneath the coving for a floor to ceiling look. The adjoining dining room has tracks sunk into the ceiling to create the floor to ceiling look using the Voyage voile Swarovski crystal fabric.

The Fine Detail of Interior Designing


coving for curtain track


The Fine Detail of Interior Designing


Voyage voile Swarovski crystal fabric


There are all the other things to think about when getting a quote, for example the curtain poles, the decorating, the curtains, the furniture. This all then makes your finished product. A few weeks after the build is done, you don’t see the walls you see the room with what’s in it. And if the detail is %**#}]*+$€ then so is the finished look!

I have been to houses where in one room, there are two windows with different curtains poles; where chrome light fittings are turned on with brass switches; where skirting boards are different shapes on one side of the room to the other!

So, words of advice. Get a quote so you know your expenditure on any build. Work backwards. Look at pictures of what you want the room to look and feel like at the end.

As always, if you need a helping hand, that’s where we come in! So contact Sophie Sews if you require our assistance. We can help with all aspects of your interior design.

Best of luck for your next build or interior design project.

Love Sophie x

ABC Magazine article on bedroom furnishings

ABC Magazine article on bedroom furnishings

ABC magazine article on bedroom furnishings

Very excited to announce that Sophie Sews is in this season’s ABC Magazine all about the grown ups! I have written in an ABC Magazine article on bedroom furnishings. Please have a read and let me know what you think.