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Byron & Byron Curtain Poles Are Funky

Now you may think that curtain poles are not a very interesting subject, well think again! Byron & Byron are a fabulous interiors company that supply some really funky curtain poles. Just look at the images below at these glass curtain poles with coloured fairy lights inside and also glitter and coloured rope inside glass curtain poles. These are in the Halo range by Byron & Byron. Now you can even make your curtain poles funky if you wish!

byron-byron-glass-curtain-poleByron & Byron Curtain Poles Are FunkyByron-Byron-curtain-pole-ends

If you like a comtemporary style but are not sure about the glass curtain poles and ends then have a look at the image I’ve added of the patterned curtain poles, just as funky! And the image of an animal skin curtain pole, whatever next! Great for all of you out there who love animal prints!


If you are more of the traditional type then they also supply some beautiful classic wooden and metal curtain poles. They have some curtain pole ends made of rope which are lovely, I’ve added an image of one of those. I also love the floral curtain poles ends in beautiful metalic finishes.


I hope these images from Byron & Byron has given you some inspiration for your next interior design project! And if you need any help, let me know!

Love Sophie



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