Bifold Door Curtains in Woking Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Bifold Door Curtains in Woking Surrey & Surrounding Areas

Make your home look more modern with bifold doors

Bifold doors are fantastic for modern homes, they open the house making rooms look larger than they actually are.

These doors provide light and create the illusion that the space of the room is larger than it is.

If considering installing bifold doors into a room within the house and whether it is a good idea, the good news is they can increase the value of a property, making them a very good investment.

Bifold Doors Surrey

The mechanics

These type of doors are made from large panels of glass, that provide a concertina effect, folding the doors back neatly.

The doors are excellent for opening the house to the outside, making them very fashionable for warmer months.

In the winter months, the doors offer cost savings, as their energy efficient frames stop the room from losing heat, especially when they have curtains. We specialise in making curtains that work with bifold doors.

Curtains for bifold doors


Bifold Door Curtains in Woking Surrey & Surrounding Areas

For privacy, this will be based on either having curtains, blinds or a sheer drape. Curtains or blinds for bifold doors can be very difficult and tricky, due to the way the door folds.

At Sophie Sews, we recommend styling with made to measure wave heading curtains for bifold doors.

Alternatively, blinds can be an option. But this can limit access to the door and make it complicated to operate.

Bifold Doors in Surrey


Bifold Door Curtains Poles and Tracks

Selecting the right hardware for bifold door curtains needs to be carefully considered, we can supply and install the right curtain poles and tracks from Evans which


If you require help or advice then feel free to contact us and our team of experts will be able to bring inspiration and ideas.