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Benefits of Channel Rod Systems for Hanging Curtains

At Sophie Sews we have been fitting more and more channel rod systems (CRS) for curtains. We we wanted to talk about them and the benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains compared to hanging curtains with curtain poles.

Channel rod systems and curtain tracks are fixed to the ceiling or the walls and have no rings and they can be corded or non-corded.

benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains


Benefits of Channel Rod Systems for Hanging Curtains

Short of Space

blinds for landlords

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a channel rod of system, or CRS, is if you are short of space in your room to hang a curtain pole. This is mainly the case if you do not have a recess above the window in the room. As you can see from the example above the recess above the window or to the side.

A channel rod system was perfect in this scenario and makes for a neat solution. Having the curtains reach to the wall means you are maximising the amount of light coming through the window.


channel rod systems

Do you have a bay-window or an unusual shaped window? Then a channel rod system is a perfect solution for hanging your curtains. These systems can be manufactured to the shape of your window to fit perfectly.

In the example below channel rod systems were used for both the curtains and the voiles. This makes for nice clean lines and keeps the look unfussy.

bespoke triple pleat curtains woking surrey

channel rod curtain tracks


For the hall below the curtain need to be fully out of the way of the front door so a curved channel rod system was needed. Channel rod systems can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall and in cases where the ceilings or walls are uneven then they can be fixed to both.

front door curtain and bespoke pole

Modern & Discreet

crs curtain tracks

Our clients are often wanting a modern, clean look for their latest interior design projects and a channel rod system provides just that. At Sophie Sews we use curtain tracks that are made from aluminium not plastic for durability and reliability.


If you like the benefits of channel rod systems for hanging curtains and then you are going to also find a wider choice of colours and finishes than curtain tracks. At Sophie Sews we can provide channel rod systems in black, chrome, white, bronze, stainless steel, gold, antique bronze and inox to compliment your room.

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