Bay Window Dressing Solutions in Surrey

Bay Window Dressing Solutions in Surrey

Why I love Bay Window Curtains & Blinds

Being a soft furnishings maker in Surrey for the last several years, I have seen many houses and helped interior design many projects. One thing I love is getting my teeth stuck into bay window dressing solutions in Surrey. Over the years I have created solutions whether it be bay window curtains or blinds for many homes in Surrey, as you can see from the photographs on this page, which are just some of the bay windows projects I have worked on.

bay window curved curtain track woking surrey open

Whether your bay window is dressed with curtains or blinds or a combination of the two, bay windows are an interesting feature in any home. The best window dressing solution should be chosen to not only provide a practical solution for your every day life but also to bring out the beauty of your bay window feature.

bay window blinds & window seat

View the above project.

What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are windows that protrude from outside of the house leaving a bay / shelf inside the house, the purpose of the bay window is to allow light into the room. Bay windows are usually seen on medium to larger houses and can be semi-circular or rectangular. They may also include a window seat which is a practical feature that not only looks great but adds the feeling of luxury.

These types of windows are tricky to measure for & if not measured properly can become expensive when it comes to furnishing the area with curtain or blinds.

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Key things to be considered with Bay Window Dressing Solutions

• Always ensure the right length curtains or blinds for a bay window is established. It may sound obvious, but measuring the area correctly is critical, which is where a professional comes in handy. When bay window curtains are drawn they should have the right amount of fold for a professional look.

bay window curved curtain track woking surrey closed

• Choosing the right curtain rail fittings is incredibly important and will contribute to the overall look of how the curtains hang against the bay. Using the right hardware will help achieve the desired look. We recommend Evans Textiles for curtain tracks and poles which we can supply and professional fit along with your curtains and blinds.

bay window close up of curtain track

• Understanding how curtains drape against the bay, should be a major consideration and goes back to the earlier paragraph of choosing the right hardware, talking to an interior designer can provide insight into achieving the right look for the right room.

bay window rental property curtains

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• Consideration on fabric and designs for a bay window is a serious decision when dressing bay windows with curtains or blinds, over complicated patterns can make the area look like an eye sore. Go for a plain nude style, the bay can always have patterned cushions to add interest to the area and is a cost-effective solution as the colour and pattern will be timeless.

Bay Window Dressing Solutions in Surrey


• With a small bay window area it might be a good idea to compliment the area with bay window blinds, like the window above, but if you have several windows, this could be time consuming when opening or closing the blinds. So for a large bay window, bay window curtains or layers of curtains are a practical solution.

grey modern lounge curtains

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Another solution is having bay window roman blinds & curtains together or the use of a roller blind if you have a kitchen bay window like the home below. Accent cushions in bright colours draws your attention to this window seat to make it an inviting place to sit. Who wouldn’t want to sit in this window seat and admire the view of their garden?

made to measure roller blinds woking surrey

View the above project.
• Another consideration when deciding on a bay window dressing solution is the shape of your bay window. Blinds work well with small square bay windows like the example below. Blinds allow maximum light to come through the window, roman blinds add that touch of softness and luxury.


For more ideas and inspiration on bay window dressing solutions in Surrey, read my case study talking about how I suggested an alternative solution for a client’s bay window.